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Leon Mutual is a Minnesota Mutual Insurance Company, organized in 1876 and is owned and operated by the policyholders. Mutual Insurance is the oldest and most stable form of insurance in the United States. The oldest insurance company in America was a Mutual Fire Company organized by Benjamin Franklin in 1752, twenty-four years before the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


2014-2015 Board of Directors


Clifford Hanson- President

Lawrence Johnson- Vice-President

Gary Thyren- Secretary

William Calllister, Jr.- Treasurer


Duane Groth- Board Member

Rodney Weber- Board Member

John Olson- Board Member

Luverne Rapp- Board Member



Our Staff

General Manager- Vickie Dungan



GMRCLogo1Leon Mutual is reinsured by Grinnell Mutual Reinsurance Company.

Located in America’s heartland, Grinnell Mutual provides property and casualty insurance and reinsurance to customers in 12 states throughout the Midwest.


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